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The TomYang lifestyle grill is unique in Europe! Surprise your family and friends with something new! Perfect for both outdoor & indoor use! TomYang BBQ brings out the best of your ingredients. Whether it‘s meat, fish, vegetarian or even vegan. It is really easy to use: TomYang recipes and cooking videos help you to get started.

With the TomYang lifestyle grill you can grill and cook at the same time. The juices running from the grill into the soup carry valuable fat-soluble vitamins and delicious roast flavours into the soup, turning it into a tasty vitamin bomb.

TomYang BBQ has its origins in Southeast Asia and is part of the local healthy weight loss cuisine. It is the first electric table grill of this type, with a swiss non-stick coating, easy to clean and developed by German engineers and certified with the highest seal of quality available in Europe.

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